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Automation & Controls

Over the years, we have grown and developed to provide full-service controls integration, building on our expertise in control panel design and construction. Through a combination of technological advancements and a commitment to continuous improvement, our team is at the forefront of expanding the possibilities of controls integration. We install our control systems globally for Fortune 500 OEM clients.

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Our Services

Controls Engineering

Our team's diverse background and expertise across many different manufacturing processes and testing environments allows us to optimize your electrical and mechanical systems, minimize downtime, and reduce the need for human intervention.

Machine Programming

We take a collaborative approach that involves analyzing your processes and identifying bottlenecks to determine the optimal sequence of operations and feedback loops for maximizing the efficiency of your facility.

HMI Development

While PLC programming is a critical component of controls engineering, it’s only one aspect. We go beyond that and specialize in designing customized user interfaces that are tailored to your evolving needs and the requirements of your personnel who rely on them for process control and testing purposes.

App Development

Our team has developed mobile apps across all operating systems in order to fulfill client requests for remote monitoring of system processes.

Website Development

Remote access is necessary for many of our services, and our website development team is able to support our software services by fulfilling specific needs.

Full Stack Software Engineering

Since we custom design our software, it only makes sense that we build the front and back end of the websites for user interface and data storage and processing.

Additional Services

Kelley Electric’s GinManager™ is capable of monitoring/or controlling the module feeder through the bale bagging process. This includes moisture, drying, stands, process air, shaft monitors, moisture recovery and press controls. GinManager™ is complemented by GinLogistics™, the industry-leading gin management computer software that was designed to help your team manage your gin efficiently and effectively.

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Process Automation Division of Kelley
The Process Automation Division of Kelley was founded in 2009 to meet the ongoing needs of our clients for controls engineering, automation and software development. Our engineers have diverse backgrounds in many different manufacturing environments and have a wide breadth of tribal knowledge uni...

Our Relationships Speak for Themselves

“Kelley Electric is at the forefront of automation and technology in the ginning industry.”

Rich Lindsey

Manager, Cherokee Gin

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